From Scandinavia to Perth: Your New Favourite Kitchen Design

KBL Remodelling has seen the bright, clean and always modern Scandinavia look grow into a big favourite for Perth kitchen renovations and new builds.


A kitchen design formed from cold, long Scandinavian winters, small spaces and minimalist thinking, it’s also timeless, refusing to age while other designs fade with the years. 

Best of all, KBL proudly states that a Scandinavian kitchen is achievable on any budget you care to throw at them. So, time you started planning…

Choosing Your Colours

Step one to creating your own Scandinavian kitchen renovation is to consider the light. Perth gets sun all year round, so it’s time your kitchen made the most of it. White surfaces, wood elements, pops of restrained colour – with a neutral white backdrop think of how you can introduce pale/cool tones with accessories, tiles and lighting.

Custom Cabinets

Storage takes up a large portion of your kitchen. Aside from making sure that everything has a place, it’s so important to think about accessibility – how will you need this space to work for you in the years ahead?

Practicality is important but so too is how a kitchen renovation contributes to the overall look and feel of your home. Our KBL cabinets are handmade by skilled tradespeople and the options are endless. One example could be to mix the Scandinavia look with other themes like opting for dark, bold tones with bright white French-style cabinetry.

Whatever’s on your mind, we’ll interpret your vision and provide a renovation solution that meets your needs. Every personalised request is met with the same high level of KBL design, construction and installation.


A predominately white space needs some textured elements to create a rustic feel. Classic Scandinavia design introduces wood as the primary element. Whether that’s through benchtops, panelling on walls, or flooring.

Geometric tiling splashbacks add a lovely point of difference. The variety of colours these days is vast and then there’s the moment guests arrive… let the admiration begin!

Finishing the Space

Bring some nature indoors – hanging pot plants and lush green colours will stand out. Artwork is a proven way to add a bold focal point to your kitchen, whilst rugs are an easy, inexpensive and interchangeable feature that can define your cooking and dining spaces in an open-planned room.

Lighting really matters in Scandi design. Consider the classic pendant light – another element to introduce warmth and colour.

The Scandinavia kitchen design is all about bright open space, functionality and restraint. Your reward will be a KBL kitchen design that is decluttered and bathed in our beautiful Perth light.

KBL Remodelling makes it easy and affordable to bring this timeless style to your home, whether you’re renovating your existing Perth kitchen or building afresh. We offer true flexibility from design to installation.

While we’re heads down working, there’s always someone on-hand to help with your inquiry. Please feel free to contact our experienced team for a free in-home consultation today.