Top Laundry Makeover Mistakes to Avoid

Its finally time to renovate the laundry and get the space that you’ve been after. Whether it’s the installation of new appliances, creation of more space, or new improved lights, a laundry makeover can increase your enjoyment of the chore and add value to your home.

However, it is important to make a plan before you start. Expect the unexpected, as home renovation projects can be full of unforeseen problems. Consulting a professional can help eliminate the chances of budget busting mistakes, and ensure you have a renovation plan that ticks all the boxes and avoids oversights. Be sure you don’t end up making one of these common laundry makeover mistakes.

Inappropriate Drainage

Water overflowing and the potential for flooding should be anticipated in the laundry. Drains clog, machines fail, and before you know it, you may find that water is where it shouldn’t be.

Many laundry rooms anticipate this situation with the placement of in-floor drains and an appropriately sloping floor. If you don’t have a floor drain, consider adding one in this renovation. Contractors can connect this drain to existing pipes and give that water a place to escape.

If you do have a drain, inspect the slope of the floor. While it may have been perfect when installed, old houses do settle and things shift over time. A flat floor will see standing water, and slopes directed away from the drain can see water accumulate and damage skirting. If the floor is no longer suitable for the drain, consider your options and contact a professional to identify the best way to ensure water overflows are only a minor inconvenience.

Finally make sure the washing machine is placed with the drain in mind. You may like the look of moving the washer to the other side of the room, but if it’s not well suited for drainage, be prepared for a future flood.

Inaccessible Shut Off Valve

Related to anticipating water overflow, it’s important to be able to easily access your water shut off valve. All too often homeowners locate the shut off valve for the first time during an emergency. At this time, it is often found behind the washing machine, at an odd angle, low to the ground and far from reach.

When undertaking renovations, ask the plumber if it’s possible to move the shut off valve to a convenient location. Ideally at a height out of reach for small children, and in a location that is easily accessed. You’ll thank yourself the next time you need to turn off the water to install a new machine.

Lack of Storage

It’s common to make sure the new washer and dryer will fit in the renovated laundry, but what about room for the ironing board, mops and brooms, and laundry detergent? It’s important to consider your use of the laundry room, and make sure you have adequate and accessible storage for all the items you’re likely to keep in the laundry. Slim tall cupboards are easily placed and make great spaces for brooms and ironing boards. Be sure to have cabinets in easy reach for daily used items like laundry detergent. Additionally, consider a horizontal rail or clothing rack for hanging items. Be sure to recognise what you need from your space, and give yourself the storage from the beginning.

Poor Lighting

Few things make a chore more arduous than dim settings. Just as with any room in your house, be sure to give the laundry adequate lighting. The more natural light the better, so place windows and skylights where available. Recessed lighting creates a sleek sophisticated feel, but if you have your heart set on a statement pendant lamp – use it! Just be sure to provide ample bright light. You’ll never get those stains out if you have to work in the dark.

Poor Ventilation

Laundry rooms are too often tucked away in the back corner of the house. If this is the case with your space, be sure to provide adequate ventilation to your room. Washers and dryers can create a humid environment. It’s important to contact a professional so the dryer properly vents outside. Add windows where possible, even a small high window and can be enough to allow fresh air in. When windows aren’t available, add exhaust fans to limit the moisture and keep the room feeling fresh.

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