Add Value To Your Home With Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Thinking of renovating a kitchen or bathroom in Perth? Then what’s the answer to keeping its value?

The first thing to know is: not all renovations turn a profit. Some will see you part with more hard earned than will ever come back to you. The trick is it doesn’t always have to be a grand, budget-busting reno. It just has to be a smart kitchen and bathroom renovation – something KBL Remodelling does best.

Kitchen Renovations That’ll Get The Best Return

If a kitchen is modern, clean and offers clever storage ideas, that’s one mighty plus for earning potential. There’s no work to do – new home-owners just unpack their lives one day and begin entertaining the next.

The easiest way to modernise is to work a fresh modular design around your existing utilities.

Being modular, you can introduce more storage. No longer will you be the family that stores kitchen items in another room. (Believe us, it happens!) KBL’s clever design team will create areas that you never thought possible – with flexible modular ingenuity, shrewd lighting and hidden compartments that house functional items.

Kitchens that look smart long-term also match appliances with design. Balance everything according to style and budget and you will get a more cohesive finish that, when planned well, could triple your kitchen’s value.

Bathroom Renovations That’ll Get The Best Return

DIY Bathroom

A terrific return on a home often comes down to this bathroom equation: modern + stylish + clean = sale.

First and foremost, do your research. Then set your budget and stick to it. Getting carried away purchasing the latest and greatest bathroom components can see your wallet being carried off into the distance too!

Choices in tiling are many and varied. Explore all of the options and remember, the more fiddly or cumbersome the tile, the more costly for the installer to lay.

Consider updating your fittings – small changes can have a big impact so have a good think about your light fixtures, taps, towel racks and drawer handles.

Perhaps only your bath and basin needs modernising? Just remember our bathroom equation and if you think you don’t have the time or the insights into bathroom and kitchen renovations, call Perth’s KBL Remodelling for some advice.

What Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Does KBL Offer?

KBL Remodelling’s expert team will take the time to learn what you dream of in a kitchen and bathroom renovation, completing the design with your tick of approval. We install it for you or you can install it yourself.

All of our designs are Australian made – beautiful and sturdy for a long-lasting Perth kitchen and bathroom renovation. Our styles of kitchens cover custom, contemporary, country, Hamptons and DIY. Every budget is catered to and every design is backed by our 60+ years of kitchen and bathroom renovation expertise.

KBL Remodelling is the go-to team of experts to consult when seeking long-term value in your kitchen and bathroom renovation. We’re ready to begin it all with a friendly chat. Call us when the time’s right to add value to your home.