Complete Kitchen Renovation Solutions

Long, long ago a kitchen’s sole purpose was to allow us to store and prepare food for the family. 

Today, it’s become a space for entertaining – a place where the entire family can gather, celebrate, commiserate, and collectively put wholesome food on the table.  Just as the passing of time has renewed the reason for kitchens existing, KBL Remodelling has rejuvenated the way Perth kitchen makeovers take place.

As a family owned and Perth-run business, we’ve streamlined the installation of our contemporary kitchen designs. We’ve simplify the addition of a flat-pack kitchen and we proudly do it all to your budget and style. Nothing is too hard. Everything has a solution and at the project’s end, you’re standing in an outstanding KBL kitchen that’s added immense value to your home and infinite value to your lifestyle.

We understand this and are proud of being able to provide you with a superior quality product at a price you can afford. To make sure you get the best possible solution for your budget, we construct your kitchen cabinets and stone benchtops in our own factory right here in Perth. We also offer custom kit kitchens as well as DIY kitchens, contact our team today for more information.


What’s The Best Kitchen Design For Your Home?

Hamptons-Style Kitchen Designhamptons-style-kitchen

It is now very possible to ‘cut and paste’ the seaside lifestyle of the Hamptons from Long Island, New York into your Perth home. Thing is, it has little do with a mouse click and everything to do with our delight in replicating this airy coastal style with a dash of New York.

Our Hamptons style kitchen designs typically feature white and light tones with ample natural light and a flowing, open layout. It’s just the perfect choice to bring our excellent Perth climate inside to meet the family!

Best of all, the Hamptons style doesn’t need to be the traditionally big design. KBL Remodelling will do everything from the design process to installation to make sure the key features are there: light and white features combined with timber flooring, island benches and feature overhead lighting – so it’s unmistakably Hampton.

What about Installation?

Being Perth’s custom kitchen, we know that everyone’s renovation or build is different. We consider the tradies, old kitchen removal, plumbing relocation and install. We’ve managed kitchen installation for years so we don’t miss a trick, or pull one! Your install is a-okay with KBL.


small-kitchen-renovations-in-perth Contemporary-Style Kitchens

So apart from the latest gizmos and gadgetry, what is it that keeps your kitchen looking contemporary? It’s a smooth merge from a kitchen to a living area, often by a funky benchtop.  Extend the bench a little further, throw in some up-to-the-minute stools and you have the perfect casual eating nook.

  • Polished stone benches and wooden cabinets look great together.
  • Stainless steel sinks combined with white or light marbled stone are standout kitchen additions if you pair them with hanging pendant feature lights.
  • Minimalism is still on-trend – meaning sleek cabinetry and under-bench storage give the kitchen a higher, open sensation.
  • Small kitchens are easier to fit-out these days because there are many more of us living in them asking for solutions! Talk to KBL Remodelling about innovative storage methods like swing-out corner cupboards and split drawer dishwashers.

Built to your budget 

None of the steps to a contemporary kitchen design need to cost a fortune. With a bespoke contemporary kitchen designed by KBL Remodelling, built right here in Perth, you can have the latest kitchen installation to suit your budget, your home, and your lifestyle. Contact us to find out how.


Country-Style Kitchensfamily-kitchen-renovation-ideas

No matter how modern Perth gets, the country-style kitchen designs from KBL Remodelling remain popular. With our design process, you get the old-fashioned charm of country with modern must-have trimmings. It’s so flexible you can choose from:

  • The warmth of timber benchtops and cabinetry
  • Natural textures right down to lace curtains if you like
  • Classic country-style touches like plate racks, open shelving for jars and ornaments
  • The ever-popular shaker-style doors with glass panelling

And none of it costs a fortune if you don’t have one. Check out what’s stashed away in your cookie jar and we’ll show you what authentic country-style kitchen design we can match it with.


contemporary-kitchen-with-wooden-design Custom Kitchen Designs

Custom kitchen designs come from the necessity to meet your family’s needs.

Custom or bespoke kitchens are one of our favourite kitchen design requests. We are constantly delighted by how ingenious our custom clients can be. From an unusual floor plan to cabinets that have to meet a specific need, you tell us what’s required. We’ll create cabinetry that’s built to the highest standards. You can even choose from a huge range of finishes. Splashbacks are popular in geometric tiles these days or you can opt for a vivid splash of colour as your own signature move.

Just don’t forget the lighting. Kitchens need lots of light and we have a thousand and one ways to set the mood while providing safety in your KBL custom kitchen. Call us to get the ball rolling.


DIY Kitchens

Flat Pack Kitchens

Flat pack kitchens have never been more popular than they are now. It’s easy to have lots of questions so right here is where we provide some much needed answers.

YES – you can save lots of money building it yourself.

YES – KBL has a range of ready-made DIY kitchen cabinets to fit most Perth homes. Our soft-close kitchen cabinets come in a huge range of sizes, from small corner storage to large freestanding cabinets. They can be delivered flat packed for you to build and install at home, or we can assemble your cabinets in the workshop and deliver them, ready to hang.

YES – one weekend of assembling time can be all you need BUT some people like to call on the services of a skilled carpenter-type of guy or gal.

YES – KBL flat-pack kitchen cabinets can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

If they are already manufactured you could have them inside a week, sometimes just a couple of days, so let’s get KBL kitchen flat-packing!


Custom Self-Installed Kitchens

Similar to our wonderful kitchen flat packs, a custom self-installed kitchen from KBL allows you to have the exact kitchen you want and install it yourself. It’s the perfect way to use the dollars from the installation for the actual kitchen.


It’s bespoke (your design) so you get exactly what you’ve dreamt of. We’ll work to your style and budget and will help you through the design process. Our first step is a free in-home consultation where our experienced kitchen design team will get to know how your ideal kitchen functions, and how it will look including all the correct measurements.


A custom built KBL kitchen takes us a little longer to build than flat pack cabinets but it’s still less than two weeks. You can pick it up from us, or we can give you time to get your tools in order by delivering to your home.


You don’t need to be a master builder but a good level of skill is important. If you run into trouble during your kitchen installation, relax, deep breath – and call our expert installers who are just a phone call away! Our KBL Remodelling DIY cabinet team can help a little bit or a lot, depending on your level of skill.

If you’re itching to get started, contact us today.


DIY Kitchens Cabinet Designers

Professionally Designed Kitchens

We can finish your kitchen cabinets in almost any colour, and to see our whole range, it is best to pop in to our showroom to get an idea of what will work well with your existing or new colour scheme. Our friendly and experienced staff will be more than willing to talk through your options with you. All of our kitchens on sale are designed in Perth WA and provide you with a quality cabinet at an affordable price. We also are unique in that we also provide diy flat pack kitchens and flat pack solutions.

If you are in the country we can simply send flat pack kits for you and you can install them yourself in your own time.

Stress-Free Kitchen Renovation Services

Great kitchen designs and excellent products are not enough on their own. Here at KBL Remodelling, we know how important customer service is to the success of your makeover project, and we pride ourselves on providing you with in-house professional trades and a qualified project manager to ensure your new kitchen is built to the highest standards – stress-free.

Contact us now for an obligation-free kitchen renovation quote and measure. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements further, do an on-site assessment and provide you with a detailed estimate for your renovations.

Kitchen Designs That Are Unique

Every kitchen is unique, and your remodeling project will be treated as such. Creating the best design for your budget is our ultimate goal. Our in-house, award winning, interior kitchen designer has vast experience in creating the most appealing design that represents your home and your personality in the best possible light.

Designing a kitchen, whether you are in Perth or based in country WA is easy. We can help you by phone or email. You can send your plans through our website if you wish and we can create the kitchen designs for you. 

We have been a quality designer and kitchen renovator for many years and have the experience to ensure that you get what you need in terms of style, functionality, budget and delivery options.