Custom Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so from the overall flow of the kitchen down to the smallest detail it should work for you and your family. Meeting your unique requirements means creating an inviting, functional space that makes meal time a little bit easier. Create this with a custom kitchen design from KBL Remodelling

What can I customise?

You can change a lot of things with a custom kitchen design, including elements you may not have thought about:

  • Layout

Open plan kitchens are popular nowadays, and with islands that double as a breakfast bar you can create an informal meal setting that keeps the family together at breakfast time.

  • Cabinets

With KBL Remodelling the size, positioning, and finish of your kitchen cabinets is totally up to you. We create custom kitchen cabinets to suit your lifestyle, using high quality materials in a huge range of finishes.

  • Bench tops

It’s important that every surface in the kitchen is usable. Stone and wood are two timeless materials; try mixing tones, textures and materials like timber with gloss white for a modern, yet classic, look.

  • Backsplash

Ditch those old ugly tiles and replace them with modern patterned tiles for a touch of class, or use toughened glass for utility in a busy family kitchen.

  • Lighting

Kitchens need lots of light. Try to utilise natural sources, or use warm energy saving globes to create a comfortable space. Feature pendant lights are also popular in modern kitchens.

How KBL can help with custom kitchen designs

KBL Remodelling are on hand to help with every step of your kitchen design project. Not only can our experienced team help design a new kitchen, we also build custom kitchen cabinets and stone bench tops in our Perth factory.

For a custom kitchen that perfectly reflects your family’s lifestyle, designed and manufactured locally, call the expert team at KBL Remodelling.