Custom Kitchen Design

Custom Kitchen Design and Renovations

Want to see how everyone else views your kitchen? Then go outside and re-enter your kitchen as if you were a home buyer laying eyes on it for the first time. Does it have beautiful modern finishes, clever new ways to utilise storage and a custom kitchen design that’s a magnet for drawing friends and family together?

If you think you could add some functionality and modern ‘wow’ to your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. KBL Remodelling has artfully managed kitchen installations across Perth for decades. Here now is our definitive guide to installing a contemporary kitchen that’s fully installed by us, or by you.

What Is The Process?

Our process is all about flexibility. We’ll start with a visit to your home for a free consultation and quote. Ordering the materials for your kitchen makeover is handled by us and our trusted suppliers. If you have your heart set on a specific appliance or your favourite plumbing fixtures, we’ll happily hand that part of the design over to you.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Custom Kitchen:

  • We begin with a home consultation
  • We provide a detailed quote
  • A meticulous design plan is completed
  • Our team sources all materials and inclusions
  • Your old kitchen is removed
  • Electrical and plumbing pre-lay commences
  • Cabinets are installed
  • The benchtop is installed
  • The splashback is installed
  • The plumbing and electrical fitout is completed

Kitchen Installation Options

As stunning kitchen makeovers in Perth go, you’re on a winner with whatever option you take.

  1. KBL Remodelling orchestrates the entire kitchen installation to completion.
  2. We deliver the whole kitchen to you in flat pack form or pre-assembled, ready for you to hang.

Option one speaks for itself – no fuss, no clean up. We do it all. Option two is a terrific choice for those comfortable with using tools and who want to save on the cost of contractors and labourers.


Kitchen Layout & Customisation

When we first step into your home, we have no preconceived ideas or pre-built cupboards to think of. We’ll measure first, then go back to our Osborne Park factory and build cabinetry that’s perfect for your kitchen area.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Flat Pack Cabinets

We’re flexible! You can choose from our amazing range of custom kitchen designs and save on the installation by doing it yourself. It’s what sets KBL Remodelling apart from the rest.

So if you’re pretty handy around the home, you can afford to go a little further in your inclusions. You’ll still get the 5-star KBL treatment when ordering a custom kitchen design, semi-customised cabinets or off-the-shelf design. You’ll also have the unequalled satisfaction of looking at the completed job, knowing you created that perfect space.

Custom Benchtops

Whether you like warm, clinical, classic or contemporary, KBL Remodelling will satisfy your taste in benchtops.

Stone: Sourced from the earth and fashioned into a thing of beauty, stone benchtops come in granite, marble, travertine, sandstone and engineered stone to give a supreme finish to a kitchen.

Laminate: Still a top choice if you’re on a budget, a laminate benchtop can deliver a stunning faux marble, wood, stone or bold colour finish.


Timber: The range of finishes are vast. All timber benchtops will stand the test of time, warming up a kitchen’s aesthetics and incredibly practical.

Granite: Granite is easily the most popular of the premium benchtops, offering high scratch resistance as well as being less susceptible to permanent staining.

Marble: Marble is universally loved thanks to its unique bold veining, cloud images and mottled shading. A useful workspace for your family – a sophisticated attraction to everyone else!

Stainless Steel: Make like a TV chef with this one. Steel benchtops are low maintenance and come in brushed-down steel, aluminium, copper and stainless steel.

For the DIY brigade, KBL offers 40mm and 20mm wide benchtops in an almost limitless assortment of laminate options.

Splashback Features

KBL Remodelling has achieved one inspiring finish after another from our tile, glass, stone and stainless steel splashbacks range. When you’re ready to add a dash of character to your custom kitchen design, you only need to mention your splashback desire to KBL and we’re on it.

Custom Lighting Solutions

We understand it where others don’t – a smart lighting system combines useful task lighting on work surfaces with mood-enhancing overhead lighting. Once we have your contemporary kitchen layout perfected, our planners will offer a choice of pendant lights, downlights, cabinet and strip lighting to get the best out of your kitchen.

Got a special lighting choice in mind? You’re welcome to bring it to us and our certified sparky will install it for you.

Why Choose KBL?

We are Perth’s perfect kitchen makeover solution. Once you decide to get a custom kitchen, we’ll help you choose what you want, where you want it and whether we install it or you do.

It’s the easiest way we know of to owning a modern, functional kitchen and we’re proud to deliver it to the home renovators of Perth. Call KBL Remodelling today – our experts are standing by, ready to help.


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