Finance Options

Finance Options Mean You Can Renovate Sooner

You Can Afford Your New Kitchen, Right Now

366727872_IMG_4788Believe us – you’re not the first to read this page and breathe a sigh of relief! We’ve helped countless Perth home owners and investors to realise their kitchen renovation, sooner.

Now it’s your turn.

KBL Remodelling has partnered with My Finance People – the Perth financiers famous for treating their customers like family since they first opened their doors.

If money is tight, or locked up in another part of your renovation, we recommend you speak to a My Finance People investment broker who’ll safely guide you through the entire process of locating that extra boost.

They’ll reduce your stress by zeroing in on the perfect loan, plus shield you from any of the hassles that can pop up along the way.

And if you think that they’ve never seen a situation like yours before, think again. Their vast industry experience and great list of contacts allows every broker to tailor a result for every kind of bathroom, laundry and kitchen renovation in Perth – even yours.

Don’t Wait – Renovate!

This is Perth’s perfect home renovation combination. To get your project moving, follow these two easy steps:

1. Talk to KBL Remodelling, Western Australia’s award-winning home design and kitchen and bathroom team who will design, assemble and deliver, and even install your order. You decide how much or how little you want us to do.

2. Call My Finance People’s Senior Finance Manager, Andrew Merritt. He’ll build the best finance plan available. Nothing makes him happier than to get you on your way to that first luxurious bubble bath or a dinner party created in your show-stopper kitchen renovation.

Andrew’s ready to take your call on 0413 105 822, or email

Just remember: don’t sacrifice the kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation you want because of a lack of finances. KBL and My Finance People can help you kick-start your dream home sooner.

Perth home renovations couldn’t be in safer hands, so let’s get remodelling!


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