Custom Bathrooms

Why Get A Customised Bathroom?

Bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces that we wash in and leave – modern bathrooms are comfortable, multipurpose and designed to suit the rest of the home.
People increasingly want warmth and comfort from a bathroom so style trends are moving away from the traditional clinical white-and-chrome and more towards custom bathroom designs.

Modern Bathroom Design Options

Over the last few years bathroom trends have rapidly caught up to the rest of the house. Today there are plenty of options for the stylish, budget-conscious bathroom renovator. Stainless steel and light tiles still feature in modern bathrooms because they are easy to clean, but nowadays the design and installation techniques have a contemporary edge.

  • Large tiles are popular because they look impressive and give the illusion of a larger space
    • Try using sheet tiles, marble slabs, and natural stone elements
  • Small tiles still have a place however modern design is using them in creative ways; odd-shaped tiles, mosaics, and patterns can accent an area of the bathroom
  • Lighting should bring out your best side – after all, you use the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead
  • Warm accents, using treated wood and other natural elements, make the bathroom feel less clinical
  • Large fixtures including brass and copper and oversized stainless steel can give your bathroom a classy feel
  • Hidden features like heated floors and towel racks, sunken lighting, and recessed fixtures might encourage you to stay in the bathroom for hours!

Designing a custom bathroom is exciting whether you are starting from scratch or renovating a tired space. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your bathroom should match the rest of your home.

KBL Remodelling can help you through every stage of the process from design inspiration, to sourcing materials, to professional installation. Contact us or drop in to talk through your ideas – you might be surprised how far your budget can go!

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