Kitchen Design

Our Kitchen Design Process

366727872_IMG_4788All of our kitchen renovations in Perth begin with an initial consultation. We consult with you and discuss the design elements of your new custom kitchen design. We like to give you as much information as we can up front. Don’t worry if you don’t catch it all, we’re happy to fill in any blanks as the process evolves.

Then we invite you into our showroom so you can pick out the specific products and finishes.

Many of our kitchen renovation customers in Perth are struck by inspiration once they see what is possible with a KBL remodelling kitchen design, and that’s what we truly love! We are more than happy to help you tweak your plans if you see something you like, and we’ll help you select the products and finishes you need to make your dream kitchen a reality… down to the last cupboard handle.

Next we get to work designing your unique kitchen and scheduling the work that needs to be done. Thanks to our flexible kitchen design and installation methods you can be as involved as you like along the way.

We pride ourselves on providing professional project management as part of the service. We employ all of our own installation staff, and the only contractors that we do use come highly recommended and work exclusively with us.

Some of our custom kitchen designs even allow for the DIY renovation route – you order the flat pack kitchen cabinets to install yourself!

The Contemporary Kitchen You Want, Without Compromise

We know your kitchen is unique. Apart from the particular space, it has to mirror your wants and desires. A beautiful KBL Remodelling kitchen starts with a distinctive, made-to-measure design and finishes with high quality surfaces, functional and flexible storage and durable appliances. Our custom kitchen design team will work with you every step of the way to bring your personality and kitchen visions to life.

The Difference Between Remodelling and Renovation

We understand how similar these two methods can seem. Know the difference and you’ll be able to accurately express your desired outcome, we’ll all be on the same page and you’ll end up with the exact custom kitchen renovation or flat pack kitchen that you came for.

Remodelling: This process changes the structure of the room. The room usually transforms entirely, beginning with the gutting (or emptying) of the whole room so its shell is the only thing left. Then we install a whole new layout and design.

Renovation: No structural changes are made – the room’s layout remains as is and the room is freshened up with a new colour or material. This could be like a new benchtop or replacing old shelving with new.




Why Choose KBL?

  • Australian Made 

We insist on serving our Perth clients with the best Australian-made custom kitchen designs. ‘Aussie made’ means well-made materials, tapware and cabinetry. They’re also easier to access than sourcing from an international supplier. If you fancy some European flair, we do use some high quality German engineered products.

  • DIY Capabilities

Got a tight budget for your new custom kitchen? We can help stretch your makeover dollar further with our build-it-yourself option. We’ll still guide you through the design and choosing the materials. Then we’ll ship it out in a flat pack design for you to build. The sense of accomplishment is huge and the money to be saved is worth it!

  • Quality Workmanship

Anyone looking into kitchen renovations in Perth knows that no-one beats us for quality workmanship. Period. KBL boasts over 60 years of combined experience in the building industry so we’ve already done our learning. That’s how we know what materials work and how to craft an expert finish.

  • Experienced Designers

To put it simply, our designers are impossible to faze. So you have a limited budget but you want a Hamptons kitchen design? We’ve done that. You like a country style in a flat pack kitchen design? You wouldn’t be the first. Our experts specialise in designing custom kitchens to your lifestyle, style and budget.

  • Financial Aid Available

Some people don’t have the kitchen drawer, let alone the money stashed away in it, for a custom designed kitchen. So we’ve partnered up with My Finance People – the Perth financiers famous for safely guiding Perth residents towards that extra boost. 

This simply means, yes, you can have your kitchen today after all!

  • Clever Storage

These days, homes are getting smaller and families seek every centimetre of space for storage. Good thing you’ve come to KBL – we love making a tight fit the right fit! With our imagination and your tight corners, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit – for both flat pack and custom designed kitchens.

Still Have Questions?

There’s certainly a lot to take in. We love making the process clean and simple to understand, so if you’re still unsure if it’s a contemporary, country or a Hamptons style for you, come on in to our showroom.



To speak to our design consultants make an enquiry below.