Apartment-Sized Kitchen Renovation Tips to Style Your Home

Kitchen renovations are an opportunity revamp an old tired space, create the room you have been dreaming of, and add value to your home. It is important to define your goals before you start the project, as every kitchen has its constraints. These problems can be further compounded in a small, apartment sized kitchen, with limited access and restricted dimensions. A professional contractor can help create a project plan that meets your goals and fits within the confines of your space. Here we explore several tips to getting the most from your small kitchen.

Common Problems of Small Kitchens 

Claustrophobic Space

Many apartments were built before the rise of open plan layouts, and have multiple walls dividing the apartment (which is often a small space to begin with) into even smaller rooms. This means that overcoming the claustrophobic space of a galley kitchen may need some serious renovation before the kitchen becomes an open and welcoming room.

Limited Lighting

Some apartments are blessed with large windows generously placed throughout the home. Most apartments, however, are not. The kitchen should be well lighted space – enough so that you can see what you are cooking, but also for you to enjoy making the morning coffee. Adding light to into a kitchen can be a challenge, but whether you are seeking natural light via windows or funky statement lamps, good lighting should be a priority.

Lack of Space

Overall the greatest theme of small kitchens is the lack of space. Minimal bench space means the daily struggle between storage and food prep surfaces is all too real. Many kitchens were built before the popularity of dishwashers and microwaves, meaning these larger appliances may be taking up odd space in the kitchen or sticking out into the room. Storage cabinets are often large linear below-benchtop cupboards, but these inevitably see wasted space in the far corners where no one can reach.

Tips For Small Kitchen Renovations

Experienced renovators understand the challenges of small apartment kitchens, and are able to find the best solutions that will work in your space. By discussing plans with a professional you will be able to best save time and money, as you will create a workable plan for your space, meeting your needs and maximising your budget.

Knock Down and Open Up Walls

Where possible, pull down a few walls. If the entire wall can’t be removed, identify the load bearing aspects. You may still be able to cut out a large portion of the wall and make an open space that flows into the lounge room. This will not only bring in more light, but will create a much needed sense of space. In a small kitchen, every millimetre counts. Consider removing a seldom used door – an open walkthrough works perfectly fine in most kitchens.

Create Good Lighting

Place lighting where you need it most. If you are able to expand windows, or even add a skylight, do it. Be sure to talk to a professional about such renovations, as they often are quite involved, but the results are worth the effort. If you can’t achieve more natural light, go for good quality lighting throughout the whole kitchen. Strong overhead lights will be appreciated over workspaces, and an interesting pendant lamp hanging over the sink can add a unique feature without cluttering the space.

Appropriately Sized Appliances

Consider the amount of space you have, and the amount of space you need. If you don’t cook much, do you need a dishwasher at all? Consider the appliances as well. Most models come in mid to small volumes, so if it’s just you at home, opt for the smaller fridge and oven. In a studio or one-bedroom apartment, unless occupied a professional chef who loves to entertain, a smaller oven and stove will suit just fine.

Keep It Simple

Don’t go overboard with accessories and patterns. Stick to white for benchtops and cabinets. It’s a colour that reflects the light and opens a space. Keep taps and door knobs simple, flush where possible, and hide appliances that aren’t used daily from sight. These little steps go a long way to make a small space feel larger than it is.

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