How a Benchtop Can Make or Break a Room

There’s a reason why our eyes are always drawn to a benchtop when we see the latest Perth kitchen renovation – benchtops are now the star attraction! They can influence the style of the entire room or they can be the show stopper.

Discover which way you’d go as KBL Remodelling tells us what benchtops are the hottest right now in kitchen renovation around Perth.

Make a Visual Impact with Your Kitchen Renovation

Whether you like warm, clinical, classic or contemporary, now’s the best time to pimp up your personal taste in benchtops.


Sourced from the earth and fashioned into a thing of beauty, stone benchtops come in granite, marble, travertine, sandstone and engineered stone to give a supreme finish to a kitchen.


The variety of laminates around now would make our grandparent’s swoon! Still a top choice if you’re on a budget, a laminate benchtop can elevate a kitchen to a stunning finish.


Depending on your piece of wood, or pieces if you plan to cleverly craft them together, wood will stand the test of time, warming up a kitchen’s looks but remaining practical.


Granite is easily the most popular of the premium benchtops, offering high scratch resistance as well as being less susceptible to permanent staining.


Marble is universally loved thanks to its unique bold veining, cloud images, and mottled shading.

Stainless Steel:

Make like a TV chef with this one. Steel benchtops are low maintenance and come in brushed-down steel: aluminium, copper and stainless steel.

If you love using your hands before you start cooking, KBL can provide the perfect DIY laminate benchtop ready for you to install. We find this the perfect solution to a small kitchen renovation.

Whichever type of benchtop you’re leaning towards, remember it can be its own topic of conversation, wowing visitors and adding some real value to your home. You can even scatter that interior designer authenticity throughout, as all KBL benchtops can be easily adapted to your laundry.

How to Maintain Your Benchtop

Stone, and in particular granite and marble, all have varying susceptibility to staining and marking. That is no longer a reason to avoid using them. When KBL installs your stone benchtop, we leave you with a special product to alleviate the stains and the headaches.

Laminate is easy to manage for most marks – Spray ‘n’ Wipe is just fine, while when cleaning timber surfaces, warm soapy water is the best solution. Whether it’s stone or timber as your benchtop, the surface will need to be sanded back and polished every 5-10 years, depending on the wear and tear.

So what’s your kitchen renovation sensation?

A benchtop from KBL can be the exclamation mark to your stunning kitchen renovation design. Which amazing finish will you choose? If you’re finding it hard to make the decision, call in to our showroom and we’ll gladly help you make the right choice for your kitchen.