Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

As blocks of land and houses become smaller and more expensive, homeowners are finding that kitchens are shrinking in size too. From single-wall counters and tight corner spaces, kitchens are becoming harder to use. If you’re finding that your kitchen looks small and cramped or that you just don’t have enough space, it might be time for a kitchen renovation.

When it comes to small kitchen renovations, it’s important to think outside the box. At KBL Remodelling, our professionals specialise in Perth kitchen renovations. With extensive experience in small kitchen renovations, we transform cramped and cluttered kitchen spaces into functional and innovative havens for cooking, entertaining and relaxing.

Find out more about some of our top tips for kitchen renovation designs to maximise space and function.

Contemporary Kitchen Renovation Designs

Your kitchen renovation design sets the tone for how you’ll use your kitchen and the space surrounding it. In smaller apartments and homes, flow and harmony is essential in creating a welcoming and functional space.

For small kitchen renovations, we recommend keeping your design minimal. By utilising designs with clean and simple lines, you allow your kitchen to blend seamlessly into your room while providing a functional space for food preparation and entertaining.

Consider kitchen designs with sleek and modern shelving and cabinets as well as extra under-island storage for keeping cookware and crockery. You’ll also open up your counter space for food preparation and decorative elements.

TOP TIP: Add a mirrored, tiled or reflective backsplash to instantly open up your space and attract more light into your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Space

For small kitchen renovations, storage space is everything. Without ample storage space, you’ll find that your kitchen will quickly become overwhelmed with clutter, appliances and dishes.

A crowded kitchen is less than inspiring as it instantly detracts from the atmosphere and comfort of your home. By being able to tuck away appliances, crockery and ingredients into strategically placed cabinets and cupboards, cleaning and tidying up is simple.

Colour Schemes

Highlight feature areas or detract from not-so-great elements with the clever use of colour schemes.

  • White: instantly opens up a space and attracts natural light
  • Pops of colour: draws the eye to desirable areas of your home
  • Artwork: acts as a feature to set the atmosphere of your space
  • Splashbacks: can be a unique reflection of your style or can be used as a design element
  • Dark colours: contrast dark colours with light areas to give your kitchen light and shade
  • Bench tops: select a bench top that compliments your design or centre the rest of your kitchen around a feature bench

Innovative Kitchen Renovations in Perth

KBL Remodelling is Perth’s award winning team of small kitchen renovations professionals. Specialising in kitchen renovations in Perth, we craft unique and innovative kitchen renovation designs to suit your functionality and lifestyle requirements. With an in-depth understanding of design principles, coupled with modern ideas and concepts, we execute bespoke designs with precision.

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