Top Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovation Makeover Ideas That Will Inspire You

Bathroom renovations are an opportunity to create the space of your dreams and add value to your home. They are a major undertaking, and can be both exciting and stressful. Speaking to a professional who understands the ins and outs of bathroom makeovers is well worth the investment. Their expertise can ultimately save you time and money over the course of your project. Here we look at some of the top budget friendly renovation ideas that can help transform your tired bathroom into a welcoming retreat.


The showerhead is a key element to the bathroom, and should not be overlooked. Many of us wake and prepare for the day ahead with a shower. Others relax with a soothing shower before bed after a full day. But no matter how you use the space, the shower head is key to your enjoyment, and is a budget friendly way to elevate your shower from basic to luxurious.

An overhead rain showerhead provides a full immersive shower experience. They create water output that resembles a light sprinkle to a powerful downpour, and look stylish.

Consider dual or multiple shower heads. With a professional plumber, the addition of a wall shower head facing your torso is not that much more work. If you have the space, splurge for a second showerhead. Suitable for couples, but when solo, the second showerhead creates an indulgent shower experience.

If you have a bench or ledge in the shower, a handheld showerhead is an excellent way to take advantage of the shower while seated. If you have a few pets, the handheld shower makes doggie bath time a breeze.

Shower Storage

When renovating the shower, consider built in niches to hold your soaps and shampoos. These simple additions add practical value to your daily routine. You can also place sleek in shower shelves or rails for your items. These are available in a range of finishes and can match the rest of your bathroom suite.

Glass Shower Doors

Gone are the days of shower curtains. We are now seeing glass shower doors add a sophisticated feel to any bathroom renovation. Fully enclosed glass showers with borderless doors add a spa like feel, while free standing glass shower screens can provide separation and designate the shower from the rest of the room. Consider using frosted or patterned glass for an extra level of privacy.


Your mirror should not be an afterthought. Take the time and make it a focal point for your bathroom makeover. One large mirror extending across your space makes any room feel spacious. Consider a mirror with a unique border that can define the style of your bathroom. Alternatively, use a borderless mirror for clean lines and a chic modern flair. A large well-lit mirror is a valuable investment for any bathroom.

Hand Wash Basins

Consider what you have and what you want from your space. A pedestal sink is lovely addition, well suited to small spaces, and adds character to the room. Larger, more heavily used bathrooms will benefit from a double basin so no one is left waiting. Renovating is about matching the bathroom to suit your needs. It is more budget friendly to change things now rather than to make adjustments later on.


Good lighting is essential for any bathroom, but the key is to have a variety of lighting options available. Recessed lights are a slim addition that can fit in any space. Wall sconces either side of a mirror create ideal lighting for applying make-up. Hanging pendant lamps and even a chandelier can transform your bathroom style and make a unique statement. By properly combining all these options and tailoring them to your space, you will have a functional room for all uses, creating great return on investment.


Bathrooms are humid spaces, and good ventilation is essential. Consider windows if possible and privacy allows. High placed windows can be opened to allow stream a place to rise and exit. Exhaust fans do the rest. A professional can help you locate the best position to maximise their effect. Do not overlook ventilation – a well placed window or exhaust fan will always save money compared to the effects of mildew or mould if moisture is allowed to remain.

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