Trendy Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation in 2018

The fact that we’re some ways into 2018 already should not deter you for one minute when toying with up-styling your bathroom. The current trends are amazing, adding an intuitive use of space and modern design that’s easy to incorporate right now.

KBL Remodelling’s experts have their fingers on the custom bathroom pulse, helping to clarify design ideas for hundreds of bathroom renovators around Perth. Here are just seven of our best trending ideas.

Top Custom Bathroom Features to Include in Your Renovation

Floating Vanities

Take away the legs and fix your vanity to your wall and, hey presto – you’ve immediately opened up your bathroom. Some people love the clean look, adding nothing more. Others put easy to access storage underneath, like an open shelf.

Heated Towel Racks

They’re not as indulgent as you think. Sure, slipping a warm towel over your shoulders after a shower is a delight but think also of the winter months when it’s tough to dry your towels during the day. This the perfect addition to a custom bathroom renovation with fresher, dryer towels, year-round.

Frameless Glass Showers

Bathroom renovators across Perth are discovering that to make a custom bathroom spacious, a frameless shower is a must. Depending on the design, most or all of the aluminium framing is removed, allowing the shower glass to elegantly blend in with its surrounds.

Shower Benches

Why not?! Taking a seat for part of your shower makes total sense and thankfully 2018 is the year to pull up a seat for one of the best showers you’ve experienced. Some beautifully styled wooden shower benches fold down, others can be tiled in or even double as a window shelf.

Free Standing Bathtubs

The choice is ever growing but the outcome always the same – magnificent. Free-standing baths make a room seem bigger because there’s no framework surrounding them. The styles can be bold, straight-lined and rectangular or have softer curved finishes with accessories that make it impossible to leave.

Double Showers

This is not always about showering with a friend. Perth bathroom renovators have long enjoyed the delights of two different shower head options for one person’s use. One shower head could be a harder stream setting than the other or you could have one fixed and the other detachable. You get the ultimate shower experience and the chance to share it if the opportunity arises!

Vanity Lighting

There is a big emphasis on lighting this year in custom bathrooms. It comes down to renovators seeking a luxurious feel, more practicality when standing at the vanity mirror and bathroom ambience. Suggested lighting applications include pendant lighting, light bars and wall sconces. Dimmers can relax the mood and creative lighting techniques can bring your bathroom to life.

That’s seven examples from our KBL brains trust. Imagine what else you’ll discover when you speak to our design team. We’re ready to demonstrate how even one or two of these up-styling trendy ideas will elevate your custom bathroom renovation to a wonderful new level. Contact us today.